Monday, January 10, 2005

Yin Yang

I learned that my Chi was bad, after a neighbor offered an impromptu Feng Shui consultation.

He was borrowing some magazines, and stood in the doorway of my bedroom. His attention seemed riveted on the new LCD television screen. "I bought it for Christmas," I told him.

"It's Shar Chi," he told me. "It's absorbing energy. it is slowing your life, and will make you bad in bed." That caught my attention.

The essence of Feng Shui is to use the natural positive energy, or Chi, present in any environment to enhance the surroundings. Serenity, prosperity, and wealth are among the claims of those who've incorporated it into their lives. Bad Chi, called Shar Chi, can drain your luck, limit prosperity, wealth, or happiness. It can also damage relationships.

"You should not have a televsion in the bedroom," he warned me. Televisions and mirrors relect images. But this was easily rectified. He told me to cover it with a cloth when not in use. Or, btter yet, to use the screensaver. "An aquarium or fire would be perfect."