Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Pop Quiz: Let's say you decide to compete on an internationally broadcast reality show that has become a cultural phenomenon.

A network--say, CBS--sends a dozen people to 'survive' on a remote tropical island. The proceedings are broadcast over 13 weeks. You become the winner, and pocket a cool million bucks. In the process, your name and flabby body face are recognized around the world.

Wouldn't you declare that million dollars to the IRS?

Not if you are Survivor winner Richard Hatch . He's been indicted by federal prosecutors on multiple tax evasion charges. Allegedly, Hatch did not disclose his $1m winnings in 2000. Investigators say the next year, in 2001, he didn't declare a $321k fee from a radio station.

What was Hatch thinking? That Les Moonves forgot to report his million-dollar winnings? Or that he could lay low by being gay, obnoxious and naked on national television? Please, put us out of our misery. Someone stick a fork in this queen. [Smoking Gun]