Monday, April 25, 2005

Let Amnesia Erase Your Worries

"But wait: There's more!" Remember those words from the late-night "As Seen on TV" commercials, hawking everything from Ginsu knives to Flobee hair cutting systems? There was always another knife set, salad spinner, 8-track—oh grow up!—or whatever that was included for the super low price of "$19.99 ... as seen on TV!"

That's the mantra of Miss Amnesia Sparkles: there's always more hip-trendy-trashtastic fun around the corner. Today's question: What happens when you put two blondes, a dog, and a handfull of pills in one room? Answer: An audio-blog with that train-wreck-waiting-to-happen Miss Anna Nicole Smith.

Amnesia is the alter ego of Adrian L. Acosta, also seen on TV and well known for her first season appearance on Fox's juggernaut American Idol ... "an ordeal that haunts her to this very day." She's a triple threat, a performer-gender illusionist-comedienne cut from the same cloth—silk, of course—as other faboo downtown types like Cashetta, Hedda Lettuce or Shequida.

New Yawkers also know Amnesia as NEXT Magazine's roving reporter. This week, check out her interview with Jim Verraros, AI's first—and only—openly gay finalist.

I said openly.

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NEXT Interview