Thursday, April 21, 2005

Beats: Eddie Boom

Where to begin? Let's see ... I fell in love with Eddie Boom late one night when we met on 66th Street. Okay, here's the backstory: Eddie is a fabulous DJ whose music helped me whiz through those long overnights at ABC News at 66th and Columbus. Sorry, just couldn't help but use that tease.

His music is a delight. A mixture of garage and deep house, with enough serious vocals to make me yearn for the old parties of my Chicago youth. The sound is much like NYC's legendary Body & Soul, where we'd go Sunday afternoons and lose our minds. Everyone was there from old-skool house heads to circuit boys ... and Yoko Ono. (Yes, we danced together. And yes, she wore those shades.) The memories are bittersweet; Eddie's music so takes me there.

Boom is Trenton-based, active on the East Coast and Candian circuit, but admittedly ... I've never heard him play live. The first mixes heard were at Spirit of House, that brilliant Swiss-based dance music site. Years later he was re-discovered on BtownSound, which books, manages and promotes DJ talent from Brazil to Baltimore. That's hot.

Choose from Eddie's mix collection in Windows Media here ....
Or take my advice and listen to his best mix, Phase 1. Dial Up Broadband

Eddie Boom
Spirit of House
Honey Deaux: brotha2Brotha