Monday, April 25, 2005

Let's Rolle

Not sure what you were doing Saturday afternoon, but the editors here at brotha2Brotha—yes, there is a newsroom, staff, copy desk and company car—were busy watching all the draft picks down at the Javits Center. Well, we weren't there but it was on TV. You get the idea.

One of my faves: First rounder at number 8, supa-phine Antrel Rolle. The Hurricane CB had hoped to stay in his native Miami but instead heads west to seek fame and fortune with Arizona. Six foot, 201lbs (dayumn) many consider Antrel college football's premier cornerback. He's an excellent cover corner who has exceptional closing ability and is one of the team's fastest players.

Most teams don't throw his way—would you?—so Rolle often has to blitz from the CB position. Antrel will be a formidable opponent on the field; he's got the size and speed to confront bigger, faster receivers in the NFL. Check out the pre-draft diary he kept on Fox Sports.

Oh yea: and he's phine.