Friday, March 04, 2005

iCandy: Legs, Thighs and Pack'n

Due to popular demand, Jay is back. But look front—and you can see why he's so popular.

This is what we know: A few years ago, Jay moved to NYC from Las Vegas. He grew up in Hawaii, and if I'm not mistaken, is Hawaiian and black.

Jay is another bodybuilder-slash-model-slash-dancer-slash-trainer. The above picture is from his old website.

This pic is from USA Muscle, when Jay was a teen bodybuilding phenom. His symetry is remarkable.

Here's how he describes himself on another bodybuilding website:

My current stats are 5'7, 185lbs, 16.5 in arms, 44 in chest, 32 in waist, and 26 in quads. Some of my interests and talents are singing, dancing, martial arts, acting, modeling, and most sports. I am very versatile, I can do basically anything well.

Don't you just love a man who describes himself as versatile, and can do anything well?

The first time I saw Jay was at Stella's in 2002. He would dance there occasionally, and hang out. He also used to hang at the old Red on 53rd Street, and at Steel Gym. We bumped heads a few times at the Monster—the piano bar of all places! And yes, he does sing very well.

More photos to folo.

Thanks to Keith for additional photos.