Monday, February 28, 2005

Jockbeat: Tiki Tiki Tiki

Fox News Captures via Jimmy/Austin

Last week you can imagine my surprise when I awoke to find Tiki Barber next to me.

Well, not literally—on the television screen next to my bed. On Tuesday, the Giants star running back made his morning television hosting debut on Fox & Friends. He was sitting in for Steve Doocy opposite regulars Brian Kilmeade and E.D. Hill.

Tiki was great. He was polished, took his cues and funny. Even more amusing: he had his own theme music!

Well, sort of. They played the music from the Enchanted Tiki Room in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Click here to listen to Tiki's song, which I found via Barry at Things I Can't Say.

It's campy right? You feel like you're listening to some sixties used-car comercial-slash-toy jingle.

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki.

Don't you just love saying the name? Let's sing it with the song one more time: Tiki, Tiki, Tiki.

Maybe because it's so ... unassuming. That's part of the whole Tiki Barber mystique. He's quite approachable. I've seen him at charity functions, he's very active with children and education.

Last September, he and equally gorgeous twin brother Ronde—a Tampa Bay cornerback—wrote a children's book. By My Brother's Side is their story of faith, perserverance and staying in the game. Its written for young sports fans aged 9 to 12.

Great athletes, gorgeous, nice guys, like kids, wrote a children's book. Perfect right? But wait—there’s more! This fall, Tiki's second book will hit the shelves. Game Fever will target the same young audience. Simon and Schuster anticipate an October release.

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki.

Fox News Video Captures via Jimmy/Austin
Tiki Theme via Barry/Things I Can't Say