Saturday, February 26, 2005

Fan Male: Blame it on the Buddy List

Don't you love those IM convos when people hit you up ... but have nothing to say?

It's the epitome of Conversation 101. First, the poor schmucks are monosyllabic, and can barely progress beyond "wassup" or "just chilling." Next, forget asking where they are from, what they are doing or something; getting an answer would take an act of Congress. But most importantly, these would-be cyber stalkers can never admit how they stumbled across my screen-name.

Invariably, they blame it on The Buddy List.

flexboi: evening
flexboi: how r u doin?
Rod: wassup
flexboi: chilling. u?
Rod: just came in from gym.
flexboi: i'm jus chilling
Rod: have we spoke?
flexboi: i think it was on adam4adam
Rod: nope.
flexboi: i think we did.
Rod: Impossible, yo
flexboi: then it was men4now
Rod: i'm not on that site
flexboi: one of those sites.
Rod: Impossible. I'm not on ANY of those sites
Rod: if u wanna have a convo, we can but don't be lame, yo
flexboi: so i am not too sure how i got yo address
flexboi: lame? i'm not lame. your screenname is on my buddy list
flexboi: how did it get there? you tell me?
Rod: No idea, yo. I never hit up men who call themselves 'boi' with an i.