Monday, January 31, 2005

@ the Watercooler

DaDLCrib gave us a shout-out. It’s total entertainment for the fellaz. Lotsa eye candy—hot ta def pics of all my faves, especially 50 Cent—music and party news, television listings…er’thang that’s crunk.

EJ’s weekly vibe will have you dancing in your seat. This week it’s hip-hop CDs that you may have missed.

Karsh finds that blogging may be hazardous to your job.

LeatherEgg in Boston is sore from chippin’ away at the huge ice build-up…and happy from another workout.

Pamalicious at On the Hush wrote up this site. On the Hush is a great message board, with brothas and sistaz networking, dropping wisdom and cutting up.

Just lay me on this bed, and gimme sum head.” Lil’ Kim sang about it, Philly Bred writes about it.

SecretBoogie in NC has his own “Planet of the Fakes” story…but with a happy ending.

And two shout-outs to our neighbors to the north. No, not the Upper West Side. The Upper, Upper, Upper West Side—Canada!

jadedbitch has written those scathing reality show critiques on industry weblog TVGasm

And our Gay Canadian X Party Boy has a heart for Valentine’s…donating time to raise youth awareness for HIV.

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