Friday, January 21, 2005

The Bachelorette Plays it Straight

Next, a very special Bachelorette: Jen is not the only one looking for a man!

Would-be “suitor” Fabrice describes himself as “sweet, good looking and modest.” But “modest” is an understatement. He neglected to mention that he likes the boyz.

A viewer knew otherwise. Among the ten or twenty people who actually watched the season premiere was a former boyfriend, who sent this email to industry website Tvgasm.

“i went on a few dates with him a while ago. plus now he has a boyfriend. so is that supposed to be the twist this season or something? or are these just standard reality-show lies? because he's certifiably light in the loafers, this guy. we went on several dates and he was great but we just didn't have chemistry. silly reality shows."
Normally, we producers laugh at these anonymous emails, especially when they are written in cutesy lower-case. But then, the evidence trail began.

People’s Exhibit A, found at (Folo the link, it’s picture #20.) Fabrice in flagrante. That would be him below, the pic taken at a Chicago gay club.

So far, no comment from the 28 year old circuit boy “real estate investor.” But former friends from Chelsea to WeHo are talking. We’ve found People’s Exhibit B, the link to his Friendster profile. The pictures are down, but you can see them here.

And People’s Exhibit C, your honor. The link to his Big Muscle profile.

Okay, a disclaimer: Just because Fabrice enjoys frolicking with hundreds of other shirtless circuit boys “real estate investors” does not make him gay. Honestly.

How will this play out? The glaring omission gives cred to many who claim these shows are rigged, like last season’s Apprentice 2. Or maybe the producers are keeping Fabrice and Ryan—the token brotha—for ratings. FYI, we are going into the February book.

Tune in Monday 9/8c to see who gets the rose. This is Jen's second time looking for love on the prime time airwaves. Maybe she's feeling lucky and will date a circuit boy, or a brotha.