Monday, January 31, 2005

B12 Shot: Swingin' Sixties

From KB’s Baker’s Dozen.

The Rules: Create twelve thoughts and one picture—for a total of thirteen—to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, links to blog entries and websites, etc.

“Mrs. Peel—We’re Needed!”
The calendar says it’s 2005, but this was another weekend love affair with the swingin’ sixties. Let’s start with that slinky sixties sophisticate Diana Rigg, the judo-choppin and sports-car-drivin’ Mrs. Emma Peel from The Avengers. Friday night I watched two episodes on the BBC

ii. The next morning, went to the gym and then purchased the Avengers ’67 boxed set from Best Buy. Someone gave me a gift card for Christmas, so it came in very handy.

iii. Over a gourmet lunch of Church’s fried chicken—10 pieces dark meat for ten bucks, mmm!—watched two episodes. But my carb-loading was rudely interrupted by a James Bond marathon on Encore. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was one of the best Bond films, and the only one that starred George Lazenby. His Bond girl? Diana. Rigg.

iv. Next: watching 007’s jet-pack flight in Thunderball. Where do they sell those? I want one. Honestly.

v. OHMSS repeated on another Encore channel. BTW, yours truly is compelled to watch movies when they are repeated.

vi. Seguing to the 70s, did you see Saturday’s I ♥ Cuda post? A brotha loves vintage Detroit steel, so you’ll see these types of posts again.

vii. Muscle cars…now muscle boyz. Saturday also featured the new Go-Go Alert.
Going forward, the weekly go-go boy alert moves to Fridays after 5pm.

viii. Had great extended IM-convo’s with two new blogging buddies. Rosalind Gash gave me some tips on hosting and WordPress

ix. While Charles F Stephens and I discussed/debated literature, politics and pop culture.

x. Saturday night—for the first time ever—had some delicious lobster bisque! Remember that classic Seinfeld ‘Yada, Yada’ episode?

Elaine recounts her date for Jerry: “We went to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to his place…yada yada yada.”
Jerry: “But you yada yada yada’d over the best part?”
Elaine: “No. I mentioned the bisque.”
xi. So…Saturday night I had a date, he came to my place, yada yada yada. (BTW, I did yada yada yada over the best part.)

xii. Yes, February Sweeps is upon us! That means yours truly will be working more and posting here less. Expect shorter dispatches. Hopefully you'll find the same quality in the content—be it politics or pop culture.